Top 10 Ways to Get Potential Customers for a Small Business

Top 10 Ways to Get Potential Customers for a Small Business

When you first start a small business, it might be difficult to find customers. How do you plan to profit from your small business? Does it make a difference how good your services or products are?

You won’t be able to generate money unless your consumers are eager to purchase your items. They actually want to buy such types of things, but they aren’t aware of your services or products. So, first and foremost, you must find out how to solve this problem. And you must have good knowledge of the way to get potential customers for your small business.

How Can You Get Potential Customers for a Small Business?

Getting new potential customers is the first attempt for starting a new or small business.  Many small businesses fail simply because they do not have the correct direction.

Advertising and marketing strategies perform extremely well for quickly reaching out to potential consumers. To get potential customers for a new or small business, it is critical to raise brand recognition.

However, when it comes to advertising or promoting services, small business owners consider their restricted budget. Because it is quite tough for a small business owner to invest in more advertising items ( like radio, TV, magazine, newspaper, and so on). As a result, many small enterprises fail before they ever begin.

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For instance, suppose you want to market your items on television. However, the average TV ad on a national network costs $115,000 for a 30-seconds spot. That is in addition to production costs, which range from $2,000 to $5,000 on the low end.

Now tell us how you’re going to cover this expense. Is it possible for a small businessman to carry? “No” 

Only the Fortune 500 or large corporations have advertising and marketing expenditures in the thousands and millions of dollars to dominate billboards, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any concerns about this? Don’t be concerned. In this post, we will discuss with you some amazing and inexpensive promotional methods that can help to get potential customers for a small business.

1. Your Own Publicist


When it comes to expanding a small business, you must work hard to find cost-effective strategies to attract new consumers.

There are several platforms where reporters are always seeking experts for articles. You may simply get your name into an internet article, magazine, or newspaper.

For example, an outstanding platform called “HARO” ( is doing a fantastic job in this field.

Have you heard of Evan Fray-Witzer, who is a partner of Ciampa Fray-Witzer, LLP? It’s a small law firm.  Evan Fray-Witzer used HARO to get into the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and in only a few months.

Other resources, such as (Technorati,, Reporter Connection and so more) can assist to get potential customers for a small business.

2. Free Interesting Services


Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? Everyone, right? You could assume that’s why you’re going to give them free goods. So, let’s begin by breaking the ice.

You are aware that your service is extremely beneficial to consumers. However, they are unaware of your offerings. For the time being, you should provide your items or services for free to a restricted number of individuals. As the saying goes, the first 30 individuals.

For example, an elderly gentleman formed a new small business. He sold genuine yogurt. Which made it stand out from the crowd. He knew that if people only tried it once, they would fall in love with it. He didn’t have much money and couldn’t afford to market his product.

At this moment, the old man decides to put up in front of his shop that reads: ‘ Free yogurt, First 30 people only’.This appears to be a sign that will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention, doesn’t it?

Anyone who goes into his business for free yogurt and enjoys the product would gladly return at a subsequent time to pay for it. And obviously, they will tell their friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues about his product and the location of his shop.

However, keep in mind that your free service is only available for a limited period. Following that, you will sell your items at the proper price. Thus, someone can get potential customers for a small business. 

3. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

When someone wants to start a small business, it’s becoming a common technique to acquire potential customers. Having a website and Yellow pages are essential for quickly spreading band recognition.

Now, you’re thinking that what’s the “Yellow Pages”. The yellow pages are telephone directories of businesses that are sorted by category rather than alphabetically by business name, and where advertising can be sold. The phrase “yellow pages” is now frequently used to refer to online/internet business directories.

I hope you’ll understand quickly. Consider how many individuals would be able to contact you if your company’s name became listed in the Yellow Pages. Allow me to explain:

You’ve created a tiny business where customers may buy various types of sweets. And your shop is located in California. Someone in California has expressed a desire to purchase some sweets. However, he is unaware of such a store in California.

 In this case, he will browse the Yellow Pages to seek stores that sell sweets and are located in California. He will discover you if your company name became listed there.

So, I believe it is a simple technique to get potential customers for a small business or any type of organization.

4. Social Media

Social media

In today’s day and age, social media is modifying the definition of a business. Its significance cannot be emphasized. There are numerous social media networks available. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and so on.

You can promote your products there. To begin, figure out where your customers hang out. The audiences on social media might differ greatly from one site to the next, so do your research, identify your potential customers, go where they are, and respond to them!

5. Daily Deal Sites

Daily deals sites

Deal-of-the-day is also known as a daily deal or one deal a day. It’s an eCommerce business strategy in which a website sells a single product for 24 to 36 hours.

Some of the Daily deals sites are Groupon, Amazon, Living Social, Newegg,, and so on.

Daily deal websites are excellent for attracting new customers. Customers are always willing to try something new when is something on sale. Daily deal sites have clearly revived. Groupon is still active.

At this outset, daily deal sites, local businesses, and consumers like the sound great. Consumers can get products at a discount and the local business can gain profit, traffic, and recognition. And on top of that, the daily deal company gains a share of the profit.

6. Flyers


Flyers are a form of paper or handbill for advertising an event or product. Basically, these kinds of leaflets are distributed in public places.

Flyers remain the very cheapest way as well as a very simple way to advertise products or brands. But it works very effectively, especially for any small business.

You don’t need to invest a lot in it. Because you’ve started a new and small business. So, at the first site, try to invest in cheap flyers, not in very expensive flyers.

If you have a limited budget, just focus on your business keyword, not on coloring, picture quality, graphics, design, and so more things. Thus, anyone can get potential customers for a small business.

7. Referrals


When you will gain a potential customer’s loyalty, ask them for referrals. Your satisfied consumers can approach their colleagues, family, friends about our products or business.

Remember, they are one of the best sources to gain new customers. So, think about your customer’s satisfaction are they happy or not.

Send an email to them for asking their reviews or opinion. Just generate your relation with our potential customers.

8. Website


Small businesses need websites too. Nowadays most people simply use the internet when they find any kind of product.

Even some of them purchase their products from websites. It’s a very budget-friendly way to reach your prospect.

So, you can create an eCommerce site and showcase your products on it. But, you have to be discrete about your eCommerce template. Don’t add too many graphics, don’t add new plugins.

Those can be harmful to our site as well as can slow your side’s load speed. In this situation, you may need an SEO expert to help.

If someone can run his site on the search engine, he can get a large number of amount customers for his organization or a small business.

9. Participate in Events

Participate in events

Most of the people of our country like to support those kinds of businesses that raise their profit in the community by participating in charity events.

Try to distribute something among the poor people, helpless people, or street children. All these things can help you to attract new consumers.

Please, don’t do such a thing only for a short time to gain customers. It’s really a great virtue to help the poor. There’s no one but does anything without any interest.

So, create attention in your society, gain new customers and heal the poor’s suffers.

10. Purchase a Lead List

Purchase a lead list

You can purchase email or contact lists of prospects that will be relevant to your business niche. It’s maybe expensive for a small businessman as well as not very effective. It may give you a poor result.

So, go for google searching to search for mail. You can get from there a “mailing list” and a lot of campaigns. You can aware them of your products by calling or sending mail.