Top 9 Best eCommerce Business Templates in 2021

Top 9 Best eCommerce Business Templates in 2021 Final
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The necessity of eCommerce business templates depends on an organization of a person how he wants to operate his business plan template for eCommerce.Nowadays most retailers are moving through online stores. They are seeking such eCommerce business templates where their products can be reached to the consumers swiftly. And it’s one of the best platforms to reach all of the corners in this world as well as a great way to attain a wide customers base.

An online store can increase your business revenue and introduce your products to new customers. If you want to start a small business without any physical location with a very feasible budget, you can set up your business online store. In this article, we give the information and provide the demands and requirements of the person who wants to start it with eCommerce business templates.

When it comes to building an eCommerce business template on a website, you are to be so discreet about your well-based template design. It doesn’t matter which e-commerce platform you’re using.

A well-based eCommerce business template, attractive design & good quality services will carry out your business in such a blink of an eye. Here is a list we’ve compiled of our favorite eCommerce business templates. We can ensure you that you’ll find or meet your online selling needs here.

Which Things Can You Observe in A Productive eCommerce Template With A Wonderful Design?

When you’re looking for a productive eCommerce Template for a business plan, you have to discreet some features those things must include in that themes. You must think about your visitor that they can be able to find your products easily. Those kinds of features are to be included in your eCommerce business templates.

First of all, you have to make sure a mobile as well as a computer-based friendly business template. Make ensure the customer support and products variation facility. The template should be allowed for customization and sum up the product image.

Here are the top 9 eCommerce business templates that will make you stand out in 2021 and beyond. Alright, let’s dive in.

1. Porto


Porto Shopify Theme is not only a Shopify theme but also a powerful package. Here have all things for your Shopify store. Porto includes all of the tools and features needed to create a lightning-fast response website. we can assure you that  It’ll be your best choice if you want to think to create a new website design. The theme has endless customization options. And you’ll get 25+ homepage layouts, 300+ Admin feast. There are a lot of amazing colors changing options that are unlimited. 

2. Shella


Shella is one of the best retail website templates and it is also a very popular one. Shella is the fastest and embraced with a lot of very comprehensive features. It is the particular fresh theme as well as the best converting Fashion Shopify theme.

It is dynamically developing day by day. Some unique features can find only in the Shella theme. In the features, there are 89+ pre-designed pages. This template gives you multi-currency support. There are the options to optimize UI elements, mega menu builder & product filter. Originally the theme was released in November 2018 but it has been updated in April 2021.

3. Ella


Ella was originally released in December 2014 but last updated in June 2021 which is called the All-in-one Shopify template with multiple layouts and styles. There are a few product variations to display all categories of the module. There are options to change the color unlimitedly. You can change the google fonts as well as the style. You’ll be able to custom the link and icons for social media. There’s an option is available for the payment.

Ella enables you to construct various structures and meets each and every specific requirement. It’ll provide you with a multitude of Infant Concepts for different kinds of organizations. Without any doubt, we can assure you that this template is one of the best eCommerce business templates online.

4. Wokiee


Wokiee is a powerful well-based design tool. It is a very outstanding Premium Shopify theme besides it offers great pliability tools. It has a support forum and there are available video tutorials about the setup that are extremely exoteric to anyone who purchases Wokiee. It’s a versatile theme that will give you full control over your store design.

You can optimize your store design for mobile-friendly who will use the Javascript framework,  CSS & HTML. It provides 8+ layout options for setting up your shops and product pages that will increase your sales and traffic. If you’re seeking such a theme as Wokiee. So, this one is for you.

5. Gecko 5.0


Gecko is a highly rated multipurpose eCommerce business template theme. It offers you 15+ stunning demos packed or homepage layout and 8+shop layouts. It is also a mobile-based template too.

This template works very effectively on mobile that is not available in other templates. There are options to customize and product searching. You can add the video of your products and you can show your Instagram feed here also.

6. Warehouse

Warehouse” is a tidy and reactive Prestashop theme that takes avail of many flourished modules and modifications like rollover images and so more. You can optimize the template design in your own way because of having all controls over the design.

This template has been founded on the Bootstrap framework which means that your template will look good on any device. It doesn’t matter which device your customer is using.

7. Journal


Journal is such a versatile business template where has 2,000 editable options to give you total control over your store and design. This template also includes unlimited color options that you can modify any of the pre-existing skins and save your own. There have both facilities depending on your needs those are the simple and complex shop that you can showcase your products as you like.

8. Ultimo

Ultimo theme

Ultimo has a clean and readable product page that your all type of customers can find their needed products. At the time of grinding with your category view, they can find the options of hiding. Here also you can customize your template design as well as change your background images. There are a lot of stunning keys features such as Design, Layout, Megamenu, Sidebar menu, Category view, Product page, Home page, Products sliders, CMS & so more.

9. Flatsome


Flatsome is the best template for your online shop, your business as well as your website. It gives you the ability to create anything you want without any coding. There has a mega menu and it will be updated automatically for free lifetime support.

The theme is SEO optimized.It Supports Chrome, Firefox, IE8+ & Safari.This template including PDF files as well as the child theme. Flatsome also is included drop and drag page builder, demo content, catalog mode option as well. I think this is the most trusted template on the eCommerce site.

Here’re Our Best Suggested eCommerce  Platforms That Can Help You to Find Your Needs 

1) Shopify

 “Shopify” is the kind of platform which is the most famous on eCommerce site. It will help you to build up your versatile thought for monitoring or upgrading your organization firstly. It gives you customer support such as you can communicate with someone by live chatting, calling or texting email and so more things.

2) Wix

 It’s become a crowd-favorite eCommerce option. You can showcase your organization as you need. The active community of Wix can help you to solve your problem through the tutorial or by tribal suiting.

3) WooCommerce

 WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. That’s why it is very easy to work here. You can get some stunning add-on services at a Budget-friendly cost. There has a vast help community where you can be able to get help the facing problem.


 Now, it is the top-ranking eCommerce platform. It’s the most flexible platform. Many developers prefer to use this one. There are a lot of powerful features of any professional eCommerce platform. I think this is the best option for global brands. It’s free to download and you can find your own hosting. It’s automatically upgraded without any payments.


 Magento is used widely and it is a very well-known eCommerce platform. It’s Self-hosted on any PHP web hosting. It is very easy to find anything and you can customize it easily. There has an active plugin for the development community. I think it’ll work for you better.

6) PrestaShop

 PrestaShop is that kind of open-source eCommerce platform where has a marketplace and you can buy add-ons for your stores. After downloading, you can modify it whatever you want. It’ll provide you with customer service as well as technical support.

What Can You Do Now after Reading This Article?

If you’re going to start any kind of online business, You can make an eCommerce business template. At that time you must be discreet about the features that I suggested to you. It’s most important to have in our business template. Which platform you’re using doesn’t matter. Just the fact is a good template is needed to ensure where you can showcase your products any way you want.

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