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Hello everyone please watch this Dusk Till Dawn 2 full trailer by Zayn Malik (My Opinion) ๐ŸŽถ Coming Soon video bellow..



Dusk Till Dawn 2 by Zayn Malik - Coming Soon

Dusk Till Dawn 2 full trailer by Zayn Malik (My Opinion) ๐ŸŽถ Coming Soon. Just wait for Z2 album. It will be great album ever of #Zayn.

I think that in this video Zayn or other person will be died but not sure at all. I think that Zayn is the agent of the white t-shirt man and he will try to cut out from his country for his mysterious box. He will be arrested in the ship station and I think he will be died. My other opinion is like that here Zayn doesn’t have any power without his boss and also it’s true that Zayn will do hard work for this.

OK, now please you tell me what is your opinion about this Dusk Till Dawn 2 by Zayn Malik and also please try to patience for up coming music Album and also some new music video of Zayn Malik.

Background music is :- Serial Dream Rock

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About Zayn Malik second Album (Z2)


Zayn Malik broke out of One Direction with his own particular sound and vision, propelling a No. 1 record with Mind of Mine and a raving success first single in “Pillowtalk.” But for his so far untitled reprise, Malik has significantly bolder plans. In a see of the collection in EW, RCA Records CEO Peter Edge says the second exertion has a “more idealistic tone to it in the wake of getting through that all the more difficult time” of breaking out of the kid band that characterized his initial profession.

“It demonstrates a great deal of development,” Edge says. That is clear in the as of late discharged dancehall-like first taste, “Still Got Time,” including PARTYNEXTDOOR, which Edge says is “discussing how it’s extraordinary to be youthful and knowing regardless you have time to would all that you like to do throughout everyday life.”


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While the collection doesn’t have a discharge date yet, Malik will unquestionably be competing for rack space, broadcast appointment and potential ticket deals with a surge of endeavors from his previous bandmates, who’ve taken altogether different bearings for their performance endeavors. From Harry Styles’ great shake twisted to current Billboard cover kid Niall Horan’s more acoustic sound, Louis Tomlinson’s EDM hookup with Steve Aoki, and Liam Payne’s hip-jump enhanced single, it creates the impression that each is trying to set up their own particular remarkable character.




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Edge isn’t sweating the opposition, however. “While we’re aware of what every other person is doing, I believe we’re on the page that we simply need to get on with discharging the music,” he tells the magazine. “Everyone will coincide. Emerging that there are diverse melodic styles that every part is getting into. Zayn simply needs to make his music and do what he does.”

The CEO says Malik’s new music will be “more individual” and less maker driven. “I think he unquestionably needs a great deal of himself in there, and I surmise that is the thing that the last record had – it perhaps gave individuals more understanding than they thought they would get,” Edge clarifies.

The collection is expected out at some point this year.