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Sonos Beam review

A resplendent speaker that, no topic its tiny dimension, packs a loyal audio punch

  • 1. Sonos Beam: make, setup and advise control
  • 2. Sonos Beam: efficiency and closing verdict


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Our Verdict

Here is the Sonos soundbar now we like been wanting forward to. Sufficiently tiny to join itself to the bulk of TVs, coupled with enough innovation and sound efficiency to designate. Yes, there are a pair of niggles nonetheless, at this ticket, they quickly fade away.


  • Sizable compact make
  • HDMI ARC properly matched
  • Nice sound

In opposition to

  • Sonos app no longer home theater friendly
  • No Dolby Atmos
  • To find no longer like HDMI ARC? Then setup will get subtle

The open of the Sonos Beam comes at a time when things are altering at a like a flash tempo for the resplendent speaker company. Within the no longer-too-far away previous, Sonos modified into chuffed with its pretty of shallow product pool. The motive: it modified into confident that the devices it by some means did lift to market like been constructed to final.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: this review doesn’t include the Sonos Beam’s AirPlay 2 functionality. This part of the software is still in beta. When it arrives out of beta, we will update the review accordingly.]

Sonos shied away from the brief enhance cycle favored by assorted tech firms, as a replace refining the speakers it had with varied map enhancements. It didn’t need to saturate a resplendent speaker promote all of it-nonetheless owned.

But this modified into sooner than Amazon, Google and, to a lesser extent, Apple earmarked the speaker region as their next big takeover; adding within the USP of advise control and promoting their speakers as the gateway drug to the resplendent home.

This intended Sonos needed to close with its languid unlock schedule and initiating to compete. And compete it has. There are currently four Sonos speakers (the Alexa-infused Sonos One, Sonos Play:1, Sonos Play:Three and Sonos Play:5) and three home theater audio setups (Sonos PlayBar, Sonos PlayBase and the recent Sonos Beam) you are going to secure without prolong. That’s seven merchandise, three of which came out within the final yr.

The latest, as you like got got guessed, is the Sonos Beam, a somewhat slim soundbar that fills the entry-level home theater audio gap. It’s the tiny-rate dimension Sonos has been sorely lacking when it comes to its TV connectivity.

The Sonos Beam is a instrument that’s been paired down enough to be lifelike nonetheless corners haven’t been lower, merely trimmed and tidied.

Sonos Beam make

The scale of the Sonos Beam is needed. It’s a soundbar that will happily take a seat in front of a 32-creep space up or a Forty-creep plus TV. We need to know, as we tested it on every variants.

What we watched and listened to whereas reviewing





Spain Vs Morocco (World Cup)
Stranger Things


Man of Oil – Animal Collective
My Enemy – Chvrches
Miami – Baxter Dury
Opal – Bicep (four Tet remix)
Emerald Move – John Hopkins
God’s Current Customer – Father John Misty
ye – Kanye West

Measuring 650 x a hundred x 685mm, it’s a lot smaller than its big-sized sibling, the Sonos PlayBar. Truly, it’s 60% smaller (and which could even be acknowledged of the worth, too) nonetheless has the addition of HDMI connectivity – one thing the Sonos PlayBar sorely lacked.

It’s a slick-having a scrutinize instrument, taking its make cues from every the Sonos One and the Sonos Play:5. The controls on the pinnacle are touch comfortable and seek the same to the Sonos One.

The setup is easy: a four dot square on the left for quantity down, the the same on the appropriate for up and a play/close button within the center. Above right here is the power to turn the speaker mic on and off.

We almost slipped there and known because it the Alexa mic, as that is what it currently is. But Sonos is additionally promising Google Assistant efficiency and Siri integration. Sonos isn’t chuffed to talk with one advise nonetheless many and it’s a resplendent, shrewd switch by the corporate. There is unquestionably an ‘if you are going to’t beat them, be part of them’ mentality with Sonos for the time being.

That doesn’t mean that it has scrimped on make effective. The 43,000 hand-drilled holes could perchance fair no longer be there – one thing the over-engineered PlayBase boasted – nonetheless it’s aloof a luscious-having a scrutinize instrument. As an quite quite lots of of a metal grille, material is draped over the opening to the speakers.

The soundbar could perchance fair even be mounted or plonked in front of the TV. With a depth of 100mm, most TVs will happily like it take a seat in front of them and it no longer impinge on the loyal screen, merely block the stand.

At some level of the Sonos Beam are four corpulent-fluctuate drivers, a heart tweeter and three passive radiators that are there so as to add to the bass. These drivers work together to aid the speaker lift sound someplace in between a Sonos Play:Three and Sonos PlayBar. The speakers internal like been particularly made for the Beam, though, so there could be now not any such thing as a recycling right here by Sonos.

The Sonos Beam is designed for three-channels, nonetheless it could per chance almost make these three channels sound admire correct encompass sound thanks to Trueplay – a map feature that calibrates the sound to the room.

The magic occurs at some level of setup when the speaker asks you to exercise your tablet or smartphone to ‘scan’ the room (truly wave your instrument round whereas the speaker plays a chain of sounds).

When Trueplay is enabled, the room fills with sound – it feels admire it truly works better with one thing admire a soundbar as the radius is that a lot greater. When you happen to’re an Android user, unfortunately you are going to fail to value this chance as Trueplay is handiest readily obtainable by iOS devices for the time being.

Flip the instrument round and the ports are minimal. There’s an ethernet, HDMI slot, energy and a Wi-Fi button.

Sonos Beam setup

Setup of the Sonos Beam is 2-fold. In case your TV has HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel, there could be a logo cease to the HDMI slot), then it’s a cinch. HDMI ARC lets within the Beam to sync up audio and movie and like everything working by your TV’s far off in a topic of minutes.

That final segment is perfect valuable for the Sonos Beam as the instrument doesn’t advance with a far off. As with all Sonos merchandise, the root is that you just exercise the Sonos app to manage quantity, hyperlink up speakers and the admire. Here is comely nonetheless in a home theater scenario, you wish this as an addition reasonably than the sole real formulation to manage your speaker. And that’s why Sonos selected HDMI ARC.

With out HDMI ARC, things turn out to be pretty extra subtle. Sonos has done its due diligence, though, and added in an optical adaptor to the distance up. Move this into the accompanying HDMI cable and you are going to exercise the Beam by the optical port.

To make it work properly, then all any other time, that it is seemingly you’ll select on to delve into the settings of the Sonos app (and these for your TV, too).

In our tests, we needed to reconfigure the Beam so as that it would routinely advance on when the TV modified into turned on. Clearly, you don’t select on to achieve this nonetheless it capability going into the app each time if it is no longer sorted.

It wasn’t very clear where and how to achieve this, nonetheless after a jiffy of going by myriad menus, we learned the TV Autoplay setting in Room Environment>TV. It’s additionally right here that you just are going to configure the far off control setup. Observe the directions on the app and it’s essential to love the far off working with your Beam very mercurial.

Whereas we didn’t tips going by the app, it’s clear that Sonos would take care of you exercise HDMI Arc. Its app, whereas gratifying enough, is currently setup to aid extra with making obvious your Sonos machine works in unison with any assorted Sonos devices that it is seemingly you’ll well most seemingly fair like and now to now not configure a home theater machine. Now it has the PlayBar, PlayBase and the Beam, though, we are able to seek this altering in some unspecified time in the future.

To present the app some credit ranking, alongside the 60+ audio services that are properly matched with it, it does like a selection of effective home theater alternatives. Two of essentially the most veteran are positioned comely above the quantity slider. These are Night Sound (which takes out any booming bass, so you are going to glimpse one thing when the leisure of your clan are in bed) and Speech Enhancement. Since the exercise of the Beam now we like had Speech Enhancement on nearly the total time and it’s truly helped with the clarity of speech, in particular in any scenes we are staring at that are corpulent of bombast.

Dig into the room settings and there could be additionally an EQ chance (with bass and treble sliders and a Loudness button), and TV Dialog settings which helps you to sync the advise if it’s pretty off (one thing you won’t win the exercise of HDMI ARC).

Sonos Beam advise control

There is, clearly, one other formulation to manage the Sonos Beam, and that is with your advise. One among the massive good points of the Beam is its Alexa integration. Here is one thing that modified into first viewed on the Sonos One (where it truly works extraordinarily properly), nonetheless the exercise of Alexa to manage a segment of a television is a entire assorted topic. It’s one thing that’s occurring an increasing selection of – Alexa advise control is now readily obtainable with the Amazon Fireplace TV and Fireplace TV Stick and it is additionally readily obtainable within the Amazon Fireplace TV Dice.

There’s a thread right here: all of these merchandise are Amazon based fully mostly, and that it is seemingly you’ll well most seemingly like an Amazon Fireplace TV or Fireplace TV Follow win essentially the most out of the Sonos Beam’s advise efficiency. If this kind of are plugged into your TV, then the Beam affords up the skill to creep wanting Netflix and Amazon Top – one thing which is fun, if aloof pretty awkward, to achieve.

With out Amazon’s reduction-close tech, you are going to aloof exercise the advise controls for things admire quantity (Alexa, turn it up 30% etc), to interrogate of radio stations and to close and play whatever you are paying consideration to. You are going to additionally be ready to turn your TV on and off with Alexa if you are the exercise of HDMI ARC.

It’s fun, if a plug restricted. And speaking of touch, we learned ourselves the exercise of the intuitive touch controls on the pinnacle of the Beam excess of we idea that we’d.

Having Alexa advise control is all properly and loyal, nonetheless it does lock you into an ecosystem. Whereas right here is absolutely the most reasonable draw it might in all probability well be for the cease to future, Google Assistant is additionally coming to the Sonos Beam, as is Siri integration – the latter by AirPlay 2 enhance. For the context of this review, we like been advised now to now not exercise this efficiency because it’s aloof in Beta mode. This could perchance be readily obtainable for the Sonos Beam’s open.

Whereas we are able to’t give our verdict one formulation or one other about the success of AirPlay 2 on the Beam, radiant it is there makes us like what Sonos is attempting to achieve – make essentially the most accessible soundbar it most seemingly can. Successfully, accessible at some level of the context that you just proceed to want to exercise it as segment of the Sonos ecosystem.

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